About me

cGMP Professional Resume ExpertI received my introduction to the biopharmaceutical field 10+ years ago. I had no college degree, just a resume and a willingness to learn.

Long story short, I’ve worked many different biopharmaceutical production jobs. I’ve been fortunate enough and took advantage of job openings to move internally within a large pharmaceutical company and then to a smaller international biotech diagnostics manufacturer. I’ve worked in many roles, making all the solutions for the plant: the buffers, the reagents, and the medias. I’ve worked in cell culture, reproducing cells that replicate the desired protein. I’ve purified the harvest of bioreactors and witnessed the final product filtered, filled and packaged for sale. I learned the steps of the business first hand. I know there is a lot of money in this business and a college degree doesn’t guarantee a piece.

Working in this industry has shown me the potential for great mobility and change in job functions. There are practically limitless opportunities to learn new skills and job roles. Each learning experience creates a situation that can lead to raises in salary or a new marketable skill for your resume. Know what you’re worth and sell yourself.

Learn the Lingo, Present like a Pro.