The Cover Letter

Communicate three simple points when drafting your cover letter:

  • What position you are applying for
  • What skills you have that make you the perfect fit
  • Why you want to work there

Always make an effort to investigate the name of the hiring manager and address the letter directly to him or her. If you are unable to find his or her name, it is acceptable to address it to Dear Sir or Madam.

Create a simple and easy-to-read cover letter. Hiring managers spend an average of six seconds glancing at your resume. If they don’t see the skills they are looking for, it’s not given a second chance.

Make every cover letter unique for each submission. Update the position you are applying for to the exact position they have posted. List several of your skills, using the same terms as used in the job description. Also change the reason for why you are applying, or why you want to work there.

After you complete the interview, don’t forget to send a follow-up email.