Lab Technician

Sample Job Description
This position performs routine analyses on samples from raw materials, process streams, or finished products and conducts analyses as prescribed by the production schedule. This position supports the quality program through verification of the quality of in process materials and finished products. Position ensures that products conform to company standards and meet customer specifications.

Common Job Requirements

Education: B.S. degree, GMP experience.

Experience: Prefer experience in a laboratory setting, performing analyses using standard test methods, procedures, and equipment.

Skills Required: Basic problem solving skills. Knowledge of lab equipment, tests, and procedures and methods. Knowledge of SPC/SQC techniques to track and evaluate quality work. Sufficient knowledge of test instruments to maintain them in proper operating condition and to recognize operational problems when they occur. Working knowledge of analytical chemistry regarding both preparation of standardized solutions and obtaining, preparing, and analyzing samples. Working knowledge of plant processes from which samples were obtained. Working knowledge Windows/MS Office, data entry, and report preparation.

Responsibilities: Procures and prepares samples for analysis at all stages of processing, from raw materials to finished products. Prepares and standardizes solutions for use in the laboratory. Performs analysis of samples using lab equipment such as spectrophotometers, gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatographs, ion chromatographs, thermogravimetric analyzers, and automatic titrators as well as using wet techniques. Various testing methods are used depending on area of assignment. Calculates and records test results in LIMS, on daily report forms, or in logbooks as required. Notifies persons concerned of deviations from standards as they occur. May prepare reports using the lab data system. troubleshoot faulty operation of test equipment as required. Maintains test apparatus in proper working order. Provides routine housekeeping in assigned area of work including cleaning of equipment at the completion of tests. Performs routine safety checks. May assist in writing procedures . Reviews and validates them as required. May assist with training of new laboratory technicians. Performs other job duties as may be assigned. Handles hazardous chemicals that pose no undue risk, provided established procedures are followed.

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